Live chat software on website

New generations use live chat software on website as most popular communication channel. They prefer live chat over a phone call and email. Using live chat people can multi task and the general feeling is that emails do not get replies. Knowing these facts you can question yourself “can I still ignore live chat on my website?” Incoming inquiries will go up with over 200% and isn’t that what it’s all about? Aren’t people that browse your website hot leads!? The number one reason I heard from businesses not using live chat is that they wouldn’t know who to answer the chats. We have solved that, using an ai chatbot nobody needs to reply on the visitors that start a chat. The chatbot will do this for you.

Live chat software on website for support

The life of your support team was never easier then when you use live chat. You handle over 5 chats at the same time while you can handle only have one phone call at the same time. This saves time and there is less stress. Using the ai chatbot in most cases 80% of the incoming questions will be handled by the chatbot because these are faq questions. A chatbot replies 24/7 so you provide better service and save money at the same time. Many of our costumers use on their website for sales and support.

The key featurers of are:

  • ID of the person in the chat gets revealed by the system in about 50% of the chats.
  • Auto translation because of the Google translate API integration. Everybody reads and replies in their own language.
  • System will switch to sms when the user has no internet.
  • Connection with Facebook messenger. Chats from your web visitor gets routed to your Messenger. No app download is needed when you use our system.
  • AI chatbot will answer your chats when you are not available because a chatbot never sleeps. is very easy to integrate in any website. Try it now and contact us.


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