Live chat reseller program

If you want to create a new income stream like live chat, is your solution. We have a great white label live chat reseller program. Many web design companies have created a new income stream by selling a live chat solution to their existing customers because we have short lines with all our customers. Looking at the features it is very easy to convince your customers using live chat on their website. Knowing that 2 out of every 3 people on this planet use live chat on a daily basis like Whatsapp, Messenger, Line and Telegram because new generations only chat, you can no longer ignore live chat as communication channel.

White label live chat server

As a reseller you can get your own server and that will hold only your costumers. No limitations on users or features. Start your own live chat business today. If you want to know why other people choose for live chat on their website here our key features.

Key features of white label server:

  • Auto translation (Everyone reads and replies in their native language because language could be a barrier)
  • ID Tracing (in up to 50% of the cases the system knows the person and his social media profiles like Facebook and Linkedin, that started the chat)
  • Statistics ( keeps track of everything)
  • Switch to sms (no internet, the system will switch to sms)
  • User can connect to 3rd party apps (connect to Facebook messenger to handle your chats with visitors because people don’t like to download apps)
  • Forward chat conversation to relevant person.
  • And many more

As Live chat software developer we have partnerships with many organizations because they value our products.

White label Live chat reseller program

If you want to know more about our reseller program and get in contact with our sales contact us. You lease your own server with a small fee per domain. Connect your own payment gateway key and your business is up and running. Very easy integration for you and your customers but an extensive API if integration is desired, integrates in to any environment because of our extensive API. Our standard server also has a standard chatbot for every account and that filters the following but it can be turned into a complete ai chatbot:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your question?
  • How can we reach you?

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