Live Chat portal solution

As the name of our software say’s we are a Live Chat solution that was designed for portals. Of course our system works on any website. But the differance is that using you can give all adverstisers on the portal a chat account. Because more people use live chat as a communication channel you can no longer ignore live chat on your website. Visitors expect an answer within seconds and today with the live chat portal solution this is possible. Once the visitor is looking at an add on your portal and starts a chat this chat gets routed directly to the listing owner.

What if the advertiser doesn’t reply?

Many portals are afraid that when the advertiser doesn’t reply to the chat it will effect the portal. In the Live chat portal solution this is solved with an ai chatbot. The portal owner can set a time when the ai chatbot takes over the conversation when a user doesn’t reply to the chat. This way every visitor gets a reply after the pre set time set by the portal owner because not being answered is a negative experiance for the visitor.

Statistics of the Live chat portal solution

As a portal owner you get statistics on everything. The system keeps track of anything that hapens on the server. The system shows the id, social media accounts of about 50% of the people that start a chat conversation.

Lead generating

By asking a few pre chat questions a portal can get leads. For example: “Can a financial expert contact you for financing advise” a portal can collect leads and create extra income by using the portal live chat solution. These questions will be asked by the ai chatbot that can be trained for any purpose. We noticed at the conferances attends that this is the no1 reason why portals want to go live with our system as soon as possible!


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