Live Chat auto translate

Would it make your life easier communicating with your costumers or web visitors in your native language? Do have trouble with giving support to costumers in other countries because they don’t speak your language? With the live chat auto translate everybody reads and replies in their own native language. Communicating was never as easy as it is today using our live chat system. Every user can set his own default language in his account. Every web visitor can choose his own preferred language before the communication starts. Each party will receive the transcript of the conversation in the chosen language.

Ai chatbot live chat auto translate

When you use the ai chatbot the live chat auto translate will also work. Because of the accuracy of the Google translate API your ai chatbot will also give the correct answer. When the translation is not 100% accurate and the ai chatbot didn’t understand the question will modify the chatbot so that from that moment on it will be correct in the same situation. We will build the chatbot in the most used language on your website. All people that start the conversation in a different language will be notified that Google translate is being used.

Support using auto translation is a company that serves people all over the world. From our own experience we have seen that the auto translation feature works perfectly giving support. Our support team is using this on a daily basis because of the many customers in many countries. When you expand your business to other countries but you don’t have people in your support team that speak that language our system helps. This way you give better support and save money at the same time.


Contact us using our system and set the conversation to your own language to test this great solution.

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