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Every business today is searching for hot leads to generate more business because hot leads convert to faster new business. What is considered a hot lead and what is a lead generation tool? From our point of view a hot lead is somebody that is searching for your services.

How do we know if a business is in need of your services?

We consider people that are browsing your website a hot lead because why else would he be on your website. Average out of every 100 web visitors 1 will convert to getting in contact  of your product or services. But what about the other 99? These other 99 are not there for noting. They are in need of your product or services and somehow decided to leave without converting. What if there was a tool that could make 2 or 3 of these visitors convert to getting in contact. There is! The reasons these 99 leave are in most cases they don’t immediately see the few usp’s that they are looking for. People don’t like to read because they rather ask exactly what they need and get a clear answer if you have what they find important.

Is Portal.chat a lead generation tool?

Yes it is, our system can be used as a lead generation tool. We proved for a fact that using our system can improve your conversion up to 400%. Especially when you use an ai chatbot it is the easiest way to get new hot leads. The chatbot will reply to your visitors 24/7. Many of our partners experiance the same feedback from companies they introduced to our system.

How does it work?

  1. When a visitor on your website is longer then a preset time of let’s say 30 sec is on the same page the chat box will auto open.
  2. The chatbot will ask a question and when to visitor replies the chat box will ask for the email address so he can send a transcript of the conversation to the visitor after the conversation.
  3. Based on the email address the system will revile in up to 50% of the cases the id and social media profiles of this visitor in the system. This way in already 50% of the cases you can follow up and you have a hot lead.
  4. Because of the ai technology the chatbot will answer the visitors questions what will immediately give the visitor a clear view on if you have what he is searching for without having to read the entire website.
  5. The chatbot will ask a phone number so you can follow up by phone.

We have proven many businesses that this process works and provides a lot more leads from the same amount of visitors you have today on your website. What have you got to lose?

Contact us and collect new leads asap!

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