AI Chatbot

Using the Live Chat software on your website or portal you can reply to all your visitors because has a beautiful ai chatbot that can be trained for any purpose and in any language. As a partner of Property Portal Watch we see that ai technology is one of the key topics at any conferance.

Collect more leads using a bot

Using a chatbot you can ask a few pre chat questions that will bring you more leads. Let us give you an example for a real estate business. As pre chat question the bot can ask “Is it oke if a finacial expert contacts you for financing this property?” When the visitor clicks on yes you have a lead to sell to any financial institution. Another example: “Are you interested in discount codes for a moving service?” This lead the real estate agency can sell to any moving agency.

People don’t like to wait get an ai chatbot!

A few things we learned over the years, people don’t like to wait, people don’t read and they want an answer fast. In the 24 hour economie people expect service as fast as possible. Today using a bot you solve most of the issues because most questions are the same. Of course most of these answers are on your website but people don’t like to read. They rather ask questions and expect an inmidiate answer. A chatbot will solve most of these questions within seconds. 

Using a chatbot you save money while you provide better service.

With the bot you provide better servcie because visitors get a reply on there question within seconds and at the same time it takes of the pressure from your support or costumer service. Using an ai chatbot most companies need less people on there costumer contact center and this saves money. It’s a win win situation! The chatbot can be trained for any purpose and in any language.

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