Using a chatbot as lead generator

You will most certainly not find a better tool to get more leads from your existing website traffic than a chatbot. Using a chatbot on your website and start with a few pre chat questions before you allow them to start asking their questions you can gather leads. As the video above shows this is a very easy way to get more leads from your existing traffic. Instead of spending more money on getting more traffic to your website you now use your existing traffic to get more sales. We all know that from all your unique visitors you only convert a small bit into eventual customers. All these other visitors are searching for your business but for whatever reason they leave and bring their business somewhere else. It is proven that using a chatbot will get you more leads and more leads will mean more business when these leads are followed up.

If you want to discover if using a chatbot could help you get more business from your website schedule an online demo and try for yourself. Many companies followed the same path and use a chatbot to get more business.

Chatbots and AI

Using the AI technology of Co-libry that is integrated in you have a system that predicts in % how big the chance is that a certain visitor will convert into becoming a customer during that particular visit on your website.

The AI technology will analyze the behaviour of your visitor and based on that it will give a % that the chance is that this visitor will become a paying customer. If you want more information on how this works please schedule an online demo.