Enterprise class

Portal.chat is dedicated to enterprise class web portals.

  • Everybody can benefit from live chat as long as they can talk to the right person
  • Deliver more sales leads and inquiries to franchisees and advertisers via live chat
  • Instant messages delivered to advertiser via SMS, web app or a branded mobile app
  • Seamless chatbox integration with advertiser's contact and listing info. Every advertiser receive an automatically integrated chatbox on their listing pages.
  • Advertiser's profile photo and contacts
  • Image of the advertised product
  • Conversation No. 2
  • Conversation No. 3

More and better

More inquiries, more contacts, better user experience.

  • Portal visitors can use one smart chatbox to talk with multiple listing owners
  • Portal visitors can remain anonymous while inquiring about a product or service
  • Customers can ask questions directly from listing owner at the click of a button
  • Customers can use mobile devices to start a conversation via the advertisers' chatbox
  • Increase incoming sales leads by a staggering 200% plus. Portal website visitors appreciate the direct and instant contact with advertisers. Visitors can get better informed in less time without the inconvenience of having to wait for email responses and returning telephone calls. Portal.chat is proven to generate more inquiries, more leads that result in more business.

Benefits for the portal website owner

Introduce a hassle free unique sales lead generation tool to your franchisees and advertisers

  • Increase both customer and advertiser satisfaction
  • Potentially create a new income stream
  • Use your own Call Center for providing back up live chat service or use our Chat Center
  • Fast and trouble free deployment
  • Seamlessly platform integrated system
  • Self hosting and white label available as option.

Features for web portal visitors

Live chat shouldn't be a luxury nowdays, it's more of a consumer expectation as everyone use chat to communicate with friends, family, colleagues. Why not offer it to your prospects?

  • Click the live chat button on the advertisement page and instantly open a direct communication channel to the Lissting owner. ..."When can I view this property" or "Has this car got service history" or "How soon can you deliver this product?" etc...
  • Live chat transcripts delivered to visitor's email inbox upon completion of a chat session.
  • Visitors can remain anonymous if they prefer.
  • Visitors can leave their contact details for the advertiser's attention via the chatbox in case they are not available to answer you in real time.
  • Mobile ready responsive system so customers can initiate a chat session via their mobile devices.

Features for web portal advertisers

Listing owners receive detailed up to the minute statistical information on the performance of their listings in beautifully presented user friendly mobile apps and web interface.

  • Engage in live conversations with multiple web visitors simultaneously.
  • Receive and respond to inquiries via SMS instant messaging when not logged in. (No mobile app installation required nor desktop computer access).
  • Keep history of previous conversations with same visitor.
  • See which other listings a particular visitor have viewed during their browsing session.
  • Get real time statistics on how many visitors are browsing listings and where they are geographically.
  • Proactive chat invites either manually or automatically are proven ways to increase web visits into conversations.

Everyone is a winner by implementing portal.chat

Advance your portal by unleashing the power of live video chat software for sales lead generation.

After an easy, do it yourself integration all listing owners can be available for live consultation via live text chat, SMS, audio and video.

Portal.chat is already live on some of the busiest portal websites in Europe and North America. Using live chat on listing pages, consumers are 80% more likely to start a conversation with the listing owner which results in doubling incoming sales inquiries from the same listing and ultimately more sales.

How does it work?

Visitors of the portal see a chatbox on the listing offering instant answers to questions about the listing. Visitor’s can open the chatbox and type their question aimed at the advertiser. Advertisers then receive an alert and can respond to the live chat inquiry on a web interface or when agents are on the road simply via SMS text messaging alternatively with the use of the dedicated portal.chat mobile apps which are available for both iOS and Android. All conversations are archived and emailed to the advertisers preset email address once a chat conversation is finished.

Using the iOS and Android mobile apps, listing owners can engage their listings' visitors with live video streaming from anywhere they are.

New and Addictive User Experience

  • Portal.chat also creates a new user experience to portal visitors. Any visitor can talk simultaneously with multiple advertisers using the same chatbox collecting information and comparing different advertisements in real time. This is the ultimate way of researching cars, properties, holiday destinations etc... Your portal visitors are likely to get addicted to the simplicity and efficiency of browsing your portal.
  • Your (or our) Call/Chat Center can provide back up live chat facility where messages from visitors are recorded when the responsible listing owner is not available.
  • Live chat is not just for sales lead generation. Consumers prefer live chat for customer service too! Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone. The reason is that live chat combines the best of phone and email, and avoids the pain of hanging on the line listening to Muzek. (not to mention waiting for an email response) These stats come from eDigital's Customer Service Benchmark which surveyed 2,000 consumers on their experiences of various customer service channels.

The more people you speak to, the more you will sell. The focus is on sales lead generation.

With portal.chat, listing owners can follow their visitors on the portal website in real time and can proactively invite them for a one to one live chat session. This is a very powerful and proven sales lead generation method that can double online conversion rates from one day to the next.

Measure your success with statistics

Advertisers receive detailed up to the minute statistical information on the performance of their ads and their entire account in beautifully presented user friendly web interface and mobile apps.
Advertisers can print statistics for each individual listing which they can share with their clients to prove effectiveness of portal advertising.

Do you own a portal website?

Create a new income stream meanwhile bring your advertisements alive by implementing portal.chat.
Offer this unique sales lead generation tool to your private and business advertisers.

  • Hassle free deployment
  • No overheads
  • Software maintenance and technical support provided by portal.chat.
  • By default all systems are securely hosted by Amazon Webservices.

Create user accounts for all your portal advertisers and provide them with access to their listings' visitors. Here is what the web interface and mobile apps offer:

Receive own chatbox on listings. When visitor clicks to chat, listing owner receives an instant push message on his/her phone and starts a live chat or (video chat) conversation.

Advertisers see a real time list of visitors to their listings and can open the chatbox in front of them when they want. Alternatively start a live broadcast in the chatbox header.

No internet access?
No problem. When listing owners are in an area without internet coverage they can simply switch portal.chat into SMS mode and respond to enquiries via SMS.

Get everyone chatting!
Create a user account for listing owners and allow them to create users so that they can transfer ongoing visitor chats to each other, engage in groupchats.

You can increase your sales by instantly answering customer queries, providing them with the knowledge and confidence needed to make purchases.

Enquire about how you can integrate portal.chat into your own listings management system.

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