What is the purpose of having a website? Most companies world wide have a website to show that they are out there and present their business. The next challenge is to get as much traffic to your website as possible. And once you achieve that you need to convert these visitors into business. Converting visitors into business is essential when a lot of money is spent to draw traffic to the website. One of the most powerful tools to get a bigger conversion rate isLive chat and chatbots. This is a proven formula, look at our showcase page and you see what the Portal.chat Live chat system has done for other companies. When using a chatbot these numbers improve even more. A chatbot answers to your visitors 24/7, also when your office is closed and people can not reach your business by phone. Once a website uses a chatbot you get more leads from the same amount of traffic while spending less time helping your visitors because the chatbot does the work.

When using a chatbot you can modify your system in a way that your chatbot will ask a few pre chat questions before the visitor can ask his or her initial questions. This way the lead is already there before the conversation happens. The videos on this page show a few good examples on how to do this. Using the Portal.chat system allows you to do this. It is very easy to build your own chatbot flows, no IT knowledge is needed. It is the most user friendly system possible. Build chatbots, modify them, forward a chatbot to another chatbot, building a different chatbot for every page on your website, it is all possible using Portal.chat

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