For portals

Live Chat

Connect your visitors with advertisers, so they are able to have a live chat with the advertiser and get questions answered quickly.

Smart live chat routing

Easily set-up live-chat routing, so that visitors on your website get connected to the right person in no-time.

Automated Chat

Set-up and manage automated chat, train your chatbot and add personal greetings, so that your bot gets smarter and really represents your brand.

Context Driven Conversions

Give input for your automated chat, such as on which page the visitor is, so the conversation starts where you want it to start.

Pro-active reach-out

Set-up your chatbot so that it actively reaches out to visitors of your website.

Send surveys

Connect with visitors and send them surveys, so you know on what you can improve on.

User integration

Sync your users to Portal.Chat, or use our Single Sign On solution, so that starting is as frictionless as possible.

Connect chat with Google Analytics

Easily add goals from Google Analytics to the chat functionality, so you can measure what’s going on.

Pre-chat form

Enable a pre-chat form, asking visitors to leave their contact details upfront.

Post-chat feedback

Ask how the visitor was helped and let the visitor rate or rank the conversation.


Give the live chat your own look and feel, so it fits right into your design and customer experience.

Advanced reporting

Browse through the analytics and see how the conversations on your portal are going.


Use our API and integrate external data into the chatbot, or use our API to export statistics for your own dashboards.


We offer support level agreements which involve…

GDPR works according to GDPR rules.

For advertisers

Real-time customer data

See who you are talking with, get background information so you can connect in the best way possible with your leads.

Web and mobile app

Manage all your conversations through a web app, see which conversations are still relevant and close those who are done. With the mobile app you’re able to start conversations: whenever and wherever.

See when a visitor is typing

See when visitors are typing, on what page they are and what their browsing history was.

Receive chats through SMS / email / FB Messenger

When you’re not behind your desktop, we route chats through your preferred channel, whether that is Email, SMS or FB Messenger.

Add your personal greetings and contact details

Add your personal greeting, so visitors see your personal touch. Also add your social media channels and other contact details so visitors can get in touch with you.

Let the chatbot know how you would like to be contacted

List your services and how you would like visitors to get in touch with you, so you can connect with really valuable leads only.

Connect your calendar

And let the chatbot plan in viewings or for instance call meetings in automatically.

Connect with your CRM

Easily connect visitor information with your CRM, so you can manage your leads in the best way possible.

Canned responses

For frequently asked questions you can send canned responses, so you don’t have to waste your time.

Offline greetings

When you’re not available the automated chat can handle the conversation and capture important information from the visitor.

Send chat to a colleague

Is there a colleague who can help the visitor better? Easily send the chat to your colleague and he or she can pick it up from there.


See how you are doing and how many successful conversations you have had on our dashboard.

For visitors

24/7 availability

With the chatbot most of your answers get answered anytime, anywhere.

Send images

As a visitor you can really connect with advertisers by sending images.

Faster answers

Get answers faster, leave your contact details only when it’s applicable and have a more focused conversation with advertisers.

Personal touch

Know who you are dealing with in a shorter amount of time.