Every day you see that websites start using chatbots to relieve the pressure from their customer service department. By using a chatbot you service your visitors 24/7 and answer returning questions without having to do anything. We know from experience that people don't read all the content on your website, they rather ask questions instead of trying to find the answer on your website. By using a chatbot you will experience that when arriving at your desk in the morning you have a lot less emails in your inbox.

Experience has shown that visitors do not mind dealing with a chatbot. They just want answers to their questions as soon as possible. Having to wait for an answer increases the possibility that they will switch to another website where they do find a quick answer to their questions.

Switch to a live agent

Using a chatbot from Portal.chat gives you the ability to give your visitors an option to switch to a live agent (when available and logged in) when they do not want to deal with a chatbot. When this feature is enabled and no agent is logged in the "switch to live agent" button will not appear.

In the settings menu it is also possible to set a certain time range when you want the "switch to live agent" button to appear. Also then when no agent is available the button will not appear.

If you want to see how this works please schedule an online demo and we are more than happy to show you our complete system and how it can help your business.