Better Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence Chatbots & Live Chat Apps

  • Portal wide single sign on software hosted by Amazon AWS
  • builds AI-powered bots and live chat mobile apps that enable 1:1 interactive customer experience between advertiser and portal visitor.


portal websites

portal websites

use to
Broadcast live video to your
public website

Engage website visitors
with live video and live chat

Supported Browsers & Platforms


Microsoft Edge








Live video broadcast

Engage your website's audience with live video streaming from anywhere you are.

Easy do it yourself integration

Be available for live consultation via live text chat, SMS, audio and video.

Robust tools and API

Integrate live chat and video chat in your own solution using's comprehensive API

Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence

Offer Skype® and Facebook Messenger® Chatbots and start more conversations

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What a chatbot will do for you

Customer engagement

Creating a new customer engagement technique can be very expensive, time consuming and risky.

Since all of us are either a Skype or Facebook Messenger user in today's connected world, it makes total sense to take advantage of the readily established 1 billion+ userbase of Skype and Facebook Messenger.

We will build and help you launch your portal's chatbot on Skype® and Facebook Messenger® and start engaging your present and future customers automatically using artificial intelligence.

Other communication channels include WeChat, Slack, Telegram, SMS and many more.

Chatbot and Live Chat = Excellent service

Conversations begin in a chatbot and on demand continue in a live chat session. It is now possible to engage every customer in a two-way conversation simultaneously.

Schedule appointments, answer questions, solve support issues any time of the day.

The chatbot is integrated with live chat apps in a centralized solution dynamically connected with your in-house systems.

Deployment typically within weeks

Contrary to what you might think, launching a chatbot is quick and painless when compared to launching a mobile app for customer engagement.

You choose the level of integration with your in-house systems and we are committed to creating a fully personalized customer experience for your brand using your logo, look and feel of the graphics, hyperlinks and T&Cs.

Your brand, your customers!

Integrative data and analysis

Capturing data through all conversations provides competitive advantage and insight, enabling your brand to better understand your customers, predict demand, monitor sales journeys, and maximise business processes and efficiency. is a hosted service sold on the software as a service (SAAS) model.

A FREE trial period is available allowing portal website owners to test, integrate and fine tune the system for maximum efficiency.


Live visitor tracking
Live video broadcasting
Chat agents per account
Own domain


Offer an upgrade path
to advanced features

Live visitor tracking YES
Statistics YES
Live video broadcasting YES
Chat agents per account UNLIMITED
Own domain YES

Detailed installation instructions are available for the seamless integration of the chatbox.

White label mobile apps are published to Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Web Interface with SEO available.

Hosted by Amazon
Webservices (AWS)

The server costs the same as the hosting fee of the server. (ie: for small portals, the hosting fee is in the range of $100 per month, therefore the Server will also be charged $100).

Terms and Conditions apply.


We provide professional web secretary services via live text and video chat to online businesses serviced by our Agents based in the UK and The Netherlands. We have helped many businesses make their online appearance and interactive campaigns a success. On average our Live chat agents conduct 4,000 live chat sessions per day, each categorized to relevant categories and departments and automatically sent via Email to their owners.
The pay as you go live video chat service is charged at EUR 5 or GB£ 4 per each live chat session on your website.
Contact us for a tailored quotation.

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